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Are you looking for a unique and engaging speaker for your next event? Anthony's topics include:

  • The Power of Inclusion

  • Accessibility in the Workplace

  • The Dos & Don'ts of Disability

  • Being Proactive vs Reactive

  • MIICEE: Motivation Innovation Inspiration Celebration Education Empowerment

  • IDEA: Inclusion Diversity Equity and Access(ibility)



Above & Beyond pulls the curtain back on one man's amazing journey amidst incredible hardship, and how one life can change so many others when the right attitude and perspective is chosen by an individual.

$20 Cdn + Shipping & Handling

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Are you looking for your building to be more accessible?

Anthony works with owners and landlords to include the lived experiences of individuals with disabilities, that are beyond the building code. 

Forward Movement.png

The Forward Movement Painting Party

Do you want to change your parking lot to include the Dynamic Symbol of Access? Anthony works with local providers to have the accessible parking spots include the updated Dynamic Symbol of Access.

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